Cadman Cranes Sets The Bar High After Winning The Carbon Neutrality Award at the Anglian Water Supplier Awards

  • Cadman Cranes has been recognised as a leading light in the crane industry thanks to its achievements in reducing its carbon footprint and commitment to sustainable business operations
  • Cadman Cranes was the first lifting management company in the UK to make the switch to 100% HVO fuel for all its mobile cranes and support vehicles

Leading lifting management company, Cadman Cranes is celebrating after taking home the coveted Carbon Neutrality Award at the Anglian Water Supplier Awards. The awards ceremony which was held at Rutland Water on Friday 28 June, brought together some of Anglian Water’s leading suppliers to celebrate the contribution they are making to safe, efficient and sustainable water supply and recycling in this region.

Despite the important contributions of the other shortlisted companies, Cadman Cranes’ entry received the award thanks to the business’ commitment to sustainably transforming their operations and forward-thinking approach to reducing their carbon footprint.

From embracing sustainable HVO fuel across 100% of their mobile cranes and support vehicles, through to installing solar panels on the roof of their HQ as well as electric car charging and recycled workwear, the company is proud to be leading the change in the crane industry – a sector which is often unfavourably perceived in terms of sustainability.

As a business, Cadman Cranes has made remarkable strides to embrace sustainability on all levels. The introduction of HVO fuel, initially in 2021 across their fleet of mobile cranes before the addition of all support vehicles in 2023, has enabled the business to save in the region of 90% on their carbon emissions.

In addition, the company has installed solar panels on the roof of their HQ building. With the year anniversary of the installation fast approaching, Cadman Cranes will soon be able to review how much CO2 they’ve saved over the past 12 months. However, it is expected that the panels will reduce CO2 emissions by 22,725 kg every year and will make the company self-sufficient for over a third of their electricity needs.

This is in addition to other sustainably led initiatives including installing EV charging points for staff and visitors, the installation of sensor activated LED lighting, the introduction of waste management processes as well as the adoption of sustainable workwear and PPE.

Matt Waddingham, MD at Cadman Cranes, commented: “We are incredibly proud to be recognised for our commitment to sustainability. Winning the Carbon Neutrality Award is a testament to our team’s dedication to reducing our environmental impact. For us, sustainability is not just a goal; it is a core value that drives every aspect of our operations.”

He continues: “Our aim is to set a new standard in the crane industry, proving that it’s possible to achieve operational excellence while prioritising the planet. We believe that by leading by example, we can inspire others in our sector to adopt sustainable practices and collectively drive a significant reduction in carbon emissions. The future of our industry depends on our willingness to innovate and embrace sustainability, and we are committed to being at the forefront of this vital change.”

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