Volvo Group collaborates on fossil-free ski resort

Zero emission machines and charging solutions from Volvo Group are helping to develop a roadmap for fossil-free ski resorts.

· An L25 Electric wheel loader from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) and a Power Unit, PU500, a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with an integrated charger, from Volvo Energy are being used alongside other electric solutions at Hammarbybacken ski resort in Stockholm.

· The project is designed to showcase the possibility for fossil-free ski resorts and demonstrate the need for holistic solutions to work together in tandem for optimum impact.

The electric wheel loader and Power Unit join other electric powered equipment, including an electric snow mobile and snow groomer at Hammarbybacken ski resort in the center of Stockholm, which is operated by Sweden’s largest ski operator, SkiStar. The electric solutions will be tested out for the remainder of the ski season to understand how they operate and to provide valuable insights for their use at other ski resorts.

Niklas Wahlberg, VP Partnership and System Solutions at Volvo Group, says: “We believe collaboration is the way forward to deliver the transformation that is required, transitioning away from a brown platform that relies on fossil fuels to a green platform. And we need to do this at pace and at scale.

“The pilot project at Hammarbybacken is intended to show that it is possible to make ski resorts more sustainable and provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone. And at the end of the day, if we want to ensure winter sports are still around for future generations to enjoy, we all need to play our part.”

Electric solutions like the L25 Electric are both zero emission and low noise, which makes for a nicer environment for the people around them. It also makes them ideal for use in sensitive and tranquil locations like ski resorts. They are also well suited for use at altitude in thin air conditions – such as on mountain ski slopes. The L25 Electric is one of a growing range of zero exhaust emission machines from Volvo CE, which include compact wheel loaders and excavators, as well as the mid-size EC230 Electric and L120H Electric conversion. A grid-connected EW240 Electric Material Handler is the latest addition.

Power for the electric solutions at Hammarbybacken is being supplied by a PU500 mobile battery energy storage system (BESS) with integrated charger provided by Volvo Energy. The power unit brings around 330-400kWh of capacity to sites in challenging locations – like ski resorts – where access to the grid is weak or non-existent. In Hammarbybacken, the power unit is supplied with 86kWh of electricity from the grid, sourced from hydropower. This will charge all electric solutions on-site, irrespective of brand.

A Volvo Group business area, Volvo Energy is dedicated to accelerating the Group’s electrification and sustainability journey through charging solutions, energy storage, battery optimization and battery lifecycle management. There is significant, untapped potential in second life batteries, and these have been used in the PU500 at Hammarbybacken. The six battery packs have already powered Volvo Group applications in their first life. By repurposing them for a second-life, Volvo Energy is taking care to maximise their value.

Service and support for the Volvo L25 Electric and PU500 mobile charging unit will be provided by Swecon Anläggningsmaskin.

Volvo Group collaborated with SkiStar on a three month project last summer at Sälen, where two solutions from Volvo CE and a Volvo FE Electric Truck were used to deliver zero emission construction. Both companies have committed to the Science Based Targets initiative. To reach the goal of zero emissions by 2050, Volvo Group will have 100% fossil free vehicles by 2040.

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