An overview of the virtual Sustainability Expo held on June 20th!

The virtual Sustainability Expo took place just over two weeks ago, marking a successful event that hosted over 550+ industry professionals! 

Where innovation meets Sustainability, speakers from Hermes Germany GMBH, Zurich Insurance, Experia, Electrolux and many more, took to the online platform to host recorded and live sessions! For those who were unable to attend, you can still access all sessions on demand until July 19th, as a registered attendee. Register here 

Sessions were in high attendance, with 400+ total session attendees across the entire online platform! Attendance was seen in both pre-recorded and live sessions with speakers across Hermes Germany GmbH, Zurich Insurance, Experian, Electrolux, Tata Consultancy Services (ISCEA), European Parliament, Bankers for Net Zero, Velux Group and Loyal VC in attendance!

Their sessions conveyed an impressive opening for business owners to hear from industry experts as they explained what direction to take their business structures for best sustainability practices Live panel sessions allowed participants to ask questions and interact directly with panelists and other attendees, while pre-recorded sessions provided the opportunity to take notes and pause for a deeper understanding.

Missed the virtual event? Attend the Sustainability Expo Europe, RAI Amsterdam – 1st-2nd October! Early bird tickets are 50% off until July 9th, register now:  

The event also experienced a significant level of networking activity. Numerous interactions, such as professional connections and meetings, were facilitated and hosted through the online networking platform. Sustainability professionals from around the globe were given the unique opportunity to network extensively without the typical constraints of travel and associated costs. This virtual format allowed for seamless and widespread engagement, enabling participants to connect, share insights, and collaborate on a global scale, thus enhancing the overall value and impact of the event.

The team would like to thank everyone who participated from our speakers and partners to our attendees. Your contribution helped shape the success of the event and highlight change.

The Sustainability Expo team is excited to recreate the success of our virtual event in person! Sustainability Expo Europe will be taking place at the RAI Amsterdam – 1st-2nd October. Grab your early bird tickets before July 9th, to get half price – €299! Do not miss out on this deal, register now: 

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