Fornnax, a global pioneer in recycling machinery, is pleased to introduce the SR-200 HD Dual-Shaft Primary Shredder, a groundbreaking invention. The prestigious India Rubber Expo (IRE) at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai will debut on March 20, 2024. The SR-200 HD marks a significant leap in recycling technology, demonstrating Fornnax’s dedication to engineering excellence and sustainability.

On this momentous occasion, the special presence of Mr. Ajay Shah, the President of Reliance Industries Limited, and Mr. Vishnu Bhimrajka, the chairman & chief convenor of India Rubber Expo 2024, along with a consortium of our prestigious clients, inaugurated the SR-200 HD, marking a significant milestone in recycling technology. Led by Ravi Rathi from Rathi Rubber India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Chetan Joshi from Tyre Collection Australia, Mr. Rajan Subramanian from Vinora Industries, Mr. Paras Barasara from Valencia Rubber Tech LLP, Mr. Suresh from Unity EcoGreen, Mr. Bipin Kumar Agrawal from Earthman Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Anil Rathi from Oyster Industries Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Manish Agrawal from Earthmet Resources Private Limited, the unveiling showcased the innovation and collaboration driving the industry forward.

FORNNAX has always been aggressive about constant innovation and new product development. Based on growing customer demand for high-capacity pre-shredders from Fornnax, the SR-200 HD, the new HD model of the SR series that replaces the standard SR200 model, was developed. The Primary Shredder SR-200 HD is more powerful and has the highest input capacity model in the SR series of machines.

The SR-200 HD is primarily designed for tyre shredding applications. It can also be utilized for other applications, including high-volume municipal solid waste, wood pallets, industrial and commercial waste, and many more.

As a result of the stringent waste treatment policies in place, there is a growing global demand for competitive pre-shredders. The introduction of the SR-200 HD presents significant opportunities for industries in the Middle East, Australia (due to full-tyre export bans from Australia and steel export bans from the Middle East) and Europe, where an increasing need for advanced recycling solutions is evident.

Primarily targeting large-scale recyclers and cement plants that require high-capacity machinery. We have secured six pre-launch orders from India, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe, reflecting the trust built in the global market over the years. Industries are seeking machinery with enhanced output capabilities that comply with industry-leading standards to meet their recycling needs effectively.

FORNNAX is focusing more on designing and developing new products that suit specific input tyre types that increase efficiency instead of providing standard models suitable for all tyre types. FORNNAX is increasing its budget in R&D each year as we focus on new product development for customers’ specific demands rather than continuing with the old standard products; in addition, CPCD based, we are improving our standard models based on customers’ feedback. In the recycling industry, Fornnax focuses on various applications to achieve a broad range customer base and vision to become the world’s biggest shredder manufacturing company. For tyre, municipal solid waste, metal and cable recycling applications, the company has 14 new shredder models under development till 2030 designed to meet the heavy demands of high-volume applications and users.

The new shredders come with various proven knives developed by Fornnax to accommodate customers’ needs. With the robust cutting chamber design. The slow-speed shafts, which produce up to 2,000,00 Nm(newton meter) of torque, allow the SR200HD to work with the most challenging materials. This, along with a quick shafts change system, enables the end user to switch from working in one application to another. Overall, the SR-200 HD is a high-capacity addition to our range and is already in high demand by our customers worldwide. There are different variants available for different market standards. SR200 with disc classifier will provide 60 to 150 mm output sizes to feed downstream equipment. The SR-200 HD with a Trommel screen provides output sizes of 60-80 mm, which is called TDF alternate fuel for the cement industry. And SR-200 HD without a screen produces output sizes up to 400 mm, called single pass rough shreds. Due to the design of 750 mm diameter knives and a larger shaft centre, it has more discharge space to process bulky and high-thickness materials such as agricultural tyres, truck tyres and OTR tyres.

Commercial benefits / Economic Advantages:

  • The new HD model provides a low cost-per-ton with high reliability, ease of operation, and more
    flexibility for various types of tyres, as well as a design optimized especially for sites with a 25-ton perhour production requirement.
  • The SR-200 HD model provides higher capacity due to its high RPM and torque, resulting in less
    manpower, electricity, and wear costs.
  • The new HD model is designed to focus on the TDF application (Tyre Derived Fuel). Cement plants
    usually utilize 3 to 4 lines to maximize production. The SR 200 HD is a single-line system that delivers
    a high output equivalent to 3-4 smaller lines

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