New Doosan DX380LC-7 Excavator at Spanish Recycling Plant

New Doosan DX380LC-7 Excavator at Spanish Recycling Plant

The Mediterranean Institute of Ecological Studies (IMEE), a company based in Quart de Poblet in Valencia in Spain, has expanded its machinery fleet with a new Doosan DX380LC-7 crawler excavator. Authorized by the local community organisation, Generalitat Valenciana, IMEE provides a construction waste treatment service in the local region, covering a market area of ​​200,000 m2, and collaborates with public, local and regional administrations in the district.

The facilities at IMEE include a recycling plant, a treatment plant, a transfer centre and an inert waste dump. The material from construction works first comes into the delivery area, from where it goes to the separation warehouse where large recyclables such as plastics, cardboard, iron, and wood are removed. The remaining inert waste is then passed through to the triage cabin, from where soil and aggregates are passed on to a conveyor belt, which directs it to a mill where it is converted into recycled materials for use in the construction of buildings and roads.

New DX380LC-7 Excavator Has Brought Versatility and Productivity

Nacho Llácer, Managing Director of IMEE, said: “We are growing between 20-30% every year, so we needed a new excavator to work in our facilities and Doosan proved to be the best for the size of excavator to meet our needs, with a lower fuel consumption and a quality design. We need to load, unload, excavate and transport stockpiles to the crusher to recycle, collect the waste that arrives at our facilities (with an average of 140 trucks per day and about 2000 tonne of material per day) and carry out various jobs on the plant.


“Our operators are very happy with the new excavator – they appreciate the ease of operation and the additional comfort that comes from a new machine. The visibility, the cab and the safety are outstanding elements, as well as the robustness.”

The 40.2 tonne DX380LC-7 model offers greater productivity, high performance and lower fuel consumption thanks to D-ECOPOWER technology. All this in an efficient and very comfortable work environment, with comfortable intuitive controls, a 360° camera system, large side mirrors, powerful work lights, and non-slip steps, platforms and safety rails on the upper structure.

Doosan DX170W-5 Wheeled Excavator Ideal for Sorting Materials

IMEE also a Doosan DX170W-5 wheeled excavator, which replaced a machine from another brand several years ago. This model features the well regarded DL06P engine, one of the most reliable 6-cylinder engines designed by Doosan, with EGR and SCR emission treatment technologies without DPF, a spacious cab and a fully automatic climate control system.

Nacho Llácer continued: “The DX170W-5 is ideal for its size and power. We equip it with a clamp to sort and separate various materials into groups. In addition to handling work in the waste area, the Doosan DX170W-5 excavator literally rips the plastic out of the big bags, separating the content from the container, which allows us to quickly and conveniently divide and select materials and soil or rubble. It also transports and stacks the containers we use.

“The different types of components used in construction generate waste that must be classified for later recovery, identifying what can be recovered for reuse. Thanks to the sorting process, we manage to recover 95% of the waste products for subsequent recycling. The lack of adequate centres like ours for construction waste creates a serious problem for our environment and is currently a huge setback.”

Nacho Llácer added: “The qualities of machines today are intrinsic, such as new technologies, rear view cameras and ergonomic seats, however, I personally highly value the role of a good salesperson who not only sells a machine, but also advises you and helps you with decision-making when selecting the best products for your projects, including post sales, which is also extremely important. There are sellers who are simple order takers, who leave a catalogue on the table, but are not even experts in their product. Selling is not offering; selling is talking, listening to the needs and offering solutions to the client. A person who only distributes flyers will hardly know how to solve a problem when you have it. Therefore, it is vital for me that the manufacturers train their teams properly and prioritise the training centres.

“Undoubtedly, the staff at Ximo Magallo & CIA., the official Doosan distributor in our area, with the support of Centrocar, meet these requirements. Their team is really efficient in this sense, and they also offer a very good technical service and are fast. They solve all my problems, which strengthens my confidence in them.”

Ximo Magallo & CIA. has more than 45 years of experience in public works, with highly qualified and professional personnel who are well established in Valencia.

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