The Virtual Sustainability Expo

The Virtual Sustainability Expo will be taking place on June 20th, providing attendees with insights into the essential actions businesses must undertake to achieve sustainability.

Where innovation meets sustainability, the event hosts a day of educational content for ticket holders to absorb with incredible names such as Hermes Germany, Electrolux Group, Zurich Insurance and the European Parliament sharing their insights on the future development of their sustainability frameworks. Their sessions convey an impressive opening for business owners to hear from industry experts as they explain what direction to take their business structures for best sustainability practices.

Some of the panel topics that will be explored in depth include, “Beyond Compliance – Leveraging Policy for Transformative Sustainability” and “Data-Driven Sustainability – Leveraging Technology for Actionable Insights.” These discussions will delve into how businesses can go beyond merely meeting regulatory requirements to use policy as a catalyst for significant sustainable change, as well as how technology can be harnessed to generate meaningful data for sustainability efforts.

Given the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainability regulations and compliance standards, the importance of effective sustainability reporting cannot be overstated.

The Virtual Sustainability Expo on June 20th, holds an incredible opportunity for sustainability professionals worldwide to come together under one platform to share awareness! Do not miss out on the opportunity and register for FREE now: 

For individuals unable to attend, the virtual edition will be available on demand to watch for 30 days after the event! However, that is not all. The Sustainability Expo is holding two in person events in Europe and Singapore. Make sure to check out the website so you can plan your journey ahead of time:

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