Agri.Cycle launches The Agri.Cycle Recycling System and a cutting-edge new app, created by farmers for farmers. Designed to simplify recycling, this system allows farmers to effortlessly recycle their plastic waste in just 5 easy steps.

  • Five taps to book your collection
  • 24/7 access
  • Recycle 12 of your most common farm plastics and more
  • Open to new and existing customers
  • Time-saving, efficient technology

In a first for the agricultural industry, Agri.Cycle is proud to present its very own app.. With just five clicks from getting started to booking a collection, the app allows members to request recycling collections 24/7, meaning time on the farm can be maximised and uninterrupted.

This news comes at the same time as the launch of The Agri.Cycle Recycling System, created by farmers, for farmers. 

Introducing the Agri.Cycle app

With in-built options to help farmers recycle 12 of the most common farm plastics, the time-saving and efficient technology allows collections to be requested out of hours, so farmers can optimise their time on the farm. 

“Our customers lie at the heart of everything we do here at Agri.Cycle. For us, developing this app was the next logical step to be able to deliver a service which can be accessed around every farmer’s busy schedule,” explained Robert Moore, founder of Agri.Cycle. 

“With this innovative new app we are making recycling farm plastic as easy as possible for our customers, both existing and new. There is an appetite to make farming more sustainable, from recycling to regenerative farming itself – we hope this app is another step in the right direction to reducing farm waste.”Changing with the times and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation in the industry has 

been a priority for Agri.Cycle ever since its fruition in 2004. 

As farmers, Robert and the team understood the importance of a simple but effective, solution to ensure plastic waste could be dealt with correctly, to benefit both the farmer and the farm itself.

And it isn’t just through the Agri.Cycle app that Robert and the team are making sure farmers remain innovative. 

Introducing The Agri.Cycle Recycling System

Over the last few months, Robert has been turning his hand to design and problem-solving. Guided by his extensive industry knowledge and experience, Agri.Cycle’s founder has developed an innovative new bag frame – The Agri.Cycle Recycling System. 

Created by farmers, for farmers, when applied to the bags farmers use to store their plastics, The Agri.Cycle Recycling System frames are user-friendly, and designed for easy handling and operation. Cutting down on the loading and unloading time on delivery, the frame system has been created to withstand the environmental challenges farmers face all year round while allowing for the clean and efficient separation of waste streams and 30% more waste to be packed into every bag. 

Introducing the frame system not only means a fuller bag, and more money for the farmer but for Agri.Cycle it means more plastic being recycled, not left going to waste on-site or polluting the environment. It’s a win-win. 

Visit us at our upcoming events 

Agri-cycle will be attending multiple events throughout the calendar this spring/summer. We’ll be kicking off show season at Cereals 2024 (June 11-12), the Lincolnshire Show (June 19-20) and the Driffield Show (July 17) where guests can experience our app and find out more about how we can support your sustainability goals with The Agri.Cycle Recycling System and more. 

The Agri.Cycle team will be showcasing the app’s capabilities and its ease of use. We will also be armed with the capability to register new members and sign you up on the day. 

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