Free E-learning programme launched by theLighthouse Construction Industry Charity

Free E-learning programme launched by the
Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity has launched their new e-learning programme as part of their Wellbeing Academy.
The charity’s Wellbeing Academy already offers online tutor led masterclasses, seminars and onsite training, and this latest addition is aimed at equipping workers with the soft skills they need to navigate today’s challenges and uncertain times.

The free self paced e-learning modules form the foundations of the Wellbeing Academy and courses include; Bang on Budget, Banter vs Bullying, Managing Stress, Resolving Conflict Understanding Anxiety and Work Life Balance.

Each of the e-learning modules are delivered at two levels. Foundation Level 1 provides learners with an introduction to each subject, the key topic areas and an understanding of the language used in the next level. Foundation Level 2 presents scenarios where learners need to demonstrate their understanding of the subject, apply the skills learned and use logical reasoning to engage and master a variety of problems much like in real life.

With one simple registration, learners can access all of the e-learning modules on any device and at any time. This allows learning at a pace that suits each individual and the ability to pause and return to a module at a later date and time gives complete flexibility around hectic work and home lives.

An easy to navigate dashboard shows the learner’s progress through the modules and reminds them of partially completed courses.

Sarah Bolton, Director of Charitable Services for the charity said, “We are constantly augmenting our charitable services to ensure that we meet the needs of our workforce. The very nature of our industry means that fitting a set training schedule around work and home life commitments doesn’t work for everyone and our self paced e-learning addresses that problem. Studies also show that this style of learning means people are more likely to retain knowledge on new subjects and therefore will feel more confident in applying those skills in real life.”

“We also know that to support a positive wellbeing culture, we need to develop our workforce’s soft skills to help them negotiate the challenges of everyday life and working in what can be a very stressful environment. Our Self paced e-learning modules do exactly that and they are relevant to every person in our industry. Whether you’re a self employed tradesperson, a site operative, project manager or office based, everyone will benefit from developing their soft skills and everyone needs to play their part.”

Benefits of Self Paced E-Learning

• Learning at own pace around other commitments
• Develops ownership of learning
• Creates a stress free learning process
• Learners demonstrate greater understanding of subject
• Develops confidence to apply new skills

To register for all of the e-learning modules and to find out more about all of the training available, visit the Wellbeing Academy.

If you or anyone you know is struggling, reach out for free and confidential support now
24/7 Construction Industry Helplines; 0345 605 1956, (UK) 1800 939 122 (ROI)
Text HARDHAT to 85258 (UK) 50808 (ROI)
Via the charity website

Notes to Editors

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More Course information

Bang on Budget Level 1: Understand the five key topics of Income, Outgoings, Priorities, Credit and Savings. This is a perfect introduction for those interested in mastering their personal finances and navigating uncertain financial futures.

Bang on Budget Level 2: Learners navigate a scenario where a story is used and will need to use prudent and logical reasoning to engage and master a variety of problems similar to real life.

Banter vs Bullying Level 1: Focuses on the five key topics of Diversity, Tolerance, Sensitivity, Teasing and Self-Esteem. This is a beginner’s guide for those interested in tackling harmful and toxic bullying in the workplace.

Banter vs Bullying Level 2: The learner will be on ‘virtual location’ and will be presented with different scenarios to understand how to find a solution to resolve workplace issues and disputes.

Managing Stress Level 1: Understand the five key topics of Causes, Responses, Individual, Load and Balance. This is a perfect beginner’s guide for those aiming to reduce stress and the causes of stress.

Managing Stress Level 2: Participants are given a stressful situation that needs to be resolved. By looking at what the causes and responses of stress are, the learner will able help those in the fictional scenario.

Resolving Conflict Level 1: Understand the five key topics of Avoiding, Accommodating, Compromising, Collaboration and Competition. This is a beginner’s guide for those interested in changing conflict culture in the workplace.

Resolving Conflict Level 2: The learner will act as mediator to resolve problems between groups and find solutions. Participants will be given feedback on their resolutions.

Understanding Anxiety Level 1: Understand the five key topics of Threat, Worry, Panic, Phobia and Disorder. This course will help those interested in understanding how modern life causes unnecessary anxiety in the workplace.

Understanding Anxiety Level 2: The learner will act as listener to signpost those affected by anxiety to the correct support. By looking at the support given to each of those affected, feedback will be provided on how well they gave the support.

Work Life Balance Level 1: Focuses on the five key topics of Growth, Social, Family, Health, and Community. This is a great beginner’s guide for those wanting to make a balance between home and work life.

Work Life Balance Level 2: A self care and self reflection scenario will focus on how leisure time can be used to effectively restore balance to leaners lives.

About the Charity

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is the only charity that is 100% dedicated to providing emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to construction workers and their families.

The charity provides a free and confidential 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline and text HARDHAT support service which offers a huge variety of wellbeing support services. These services are complemented by their free Construction Industry Helpline App which provides access to over 3000 referral pathways and a geolocator to signpost people to help and resources in their area.


PR Contacts

For industry related wellbeing and protection, charity CEO Bill Hill, is available for expert opinion and comment: email: [email protected] Tel 07776 177298

Charity Media Michelle Finnerty email: [email protected] or Tel 01473 913125

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