LondonEnergy supports ‘More Than History’ fashion show

LondonEnergy supports ‘More Than History’ fashion show

LondonEnergy sponsors exciting local event as part of its programme to celebrate Black History Month 

Throughout October, LondonEnergy has once again celebrated Black History Month which this year adopted the theme – “Time for Change: Action Not Words.’

Over the course of the month, LondonEnergy organised and participated in several initiatives to raise awareness and celebrate the continued achievements and contributions of Black people to the UK and around the world. These included:

  • A Food Tasting Day of African and Caribbean inspired dishes – served across all sites  
  • A Black History Month visual display at LondonEnergy’s ReUse shop in Chingford
  • Updating the LondonEnergy logo with the BHM colours on its website and social media
  • Featuring employees from across the business on the website, social media and intranet

One of the highlights however came this weekend when LondonEnergy supported the ‘More Than History’ fashion show. This high energy event was curated and hosted by one of the company’s Site Supervisors, Shane Campbell, and featured 5 collections including the Camouflage Project collection by Julie Corion, which was inspired by the Covid pandemic and people hiding their fears and feelings during this time. Other collections included the use of upcycled fabrics to create designs around the theme of ‘play’ and ‘Nothing goes to waste’ with models wearing jewellery sourced from LondonEnergy’s ReUse shop.

LondonEnergy’s HR Director, Viv Morris, commented on the company’s support for Black History Month saying:

“Black History Month gave us a great opportunity to celebrate black culture and the broad diversity of our local community and business. While we shouldn’t solely focus on the past, we can learn from it to improve the future. We’d like to thank everyone who to the time and made the effort to organise or participate in so many interesting and fun events over the course of the month.” 

“Fashion is inherently circular and the industry is coming to the forefront of the drive for a more sustainable economy.  We were therefore delighted to be able to sponsor the’ More than history’ fashion show and support local designers in showcasing their creativity and skills – congratulations to everyone involved.”

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