SUEZ successfully commissions new hazardous waste disposal project in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

SUEZ successfully commissions new hazardous waste disposal project in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

On July 3rd, the hazardous waste disposal project, SCIP Anyo SUEZ representing a total investment of RMB 450 million, was successfully commissioned. The project is a partnership between SUEZ, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), SAIC Motor, and SINOPEC. With the addition of this new project, SUEZ’s total hazardous waste treatment incineration capacity in SCIP will increase from the current 120,000 tons/year to 160,000 tons/year. The project is a testimony to the strong partnership in hazardous waste treatment and resource recycling and serves as an important milestone for SUEZ and its partners in driving the ecological transition.

This hazardous waste disposal project is a key investment by the partners to meet the growing need for hazardous waste disposal from SCIP, SAIC Motor, SINOPEC, and other production companies. With an annual disposal capacity of 40,000 tons, the project was designed to accommodate the complexity of hazardous waste disposal and is future-proofed for increasingly stringent environmental and emission standards.

With improved design specifications for incinerators and purpose-built units, the facility complies with the strictest EU emission standards. A new smart management system has been implemented to enable automated inventory control and data analysis. The pretreatment capacity for high-risk waste was also expanded, which will further improve safety throughout the waste disposal process and ensure stable, resilient operations to meet the future needs of SCIP and other customers. Additionally, the energy recovery unit in the facility has the capacity to recycle heat generated by incineration and redistribute it for usage by other enterprises in the park. The energy recovered is equivalent to saving 17,000 tons of standard coal each year. This project is set to become another strong reference case for waste reduction, decarbonization, and the circular economy, and reinforces SCIP’s reputation as the most representative green industrial park in China.

Liu Gang, General Manager of Shanghai Petrochemical Investment & Development Company Limited1, said“We are proud to collaborate with partners such as SCIP, SAIC Motor, and SUEZ, who are experts in the environmental sector. We are also pleased to support the creation and development of SCIP Anyo SUEZ – an environmental technology company specialized in hazardous waste disposal with advanced expertise and leading process technology. This is aligned with our environmental vision and latest development agenda of becoming a ‘waste-free organization’. We expect SCIP Anyo SUEZ to enable Shanghai Petrochemical to seize new opportunities and achieve green transformation and brilliantly succeed in the next chapter of its development.”

Francois Fevrier, CEO Water and R&R of SUEZ Asia, said, “Today’s commissioning is a milestone worth celebrating in our partnership. Thanks to strong solidarity and cooperation among all partners, the construction of the Anyo project was completed on schedule, in spite of the challenges presented byCOVID. As an operator specialized in the water and waste sectors, we at SUEZ aim to leverage our global technology portfolio and expertise to make this project a model of excellence for the environmental sector in China. I also look forward to further broadening and deepening cooperation with our Chinese partners and enabling our customers to make progress in the ecological transition.”

Jiang Hua, General Manager of Shanghai Automotive Asset Management Company Limited2, said, “SCIP Anyo SUEZ’s growth and development has been the result of the strong commitment and support from all partners, as well as the hard work and dedication by staff. We hope that SCIP Anyo SUEZ will take the commissioning as a starting point, face up to the challenges and competition in the industry, and continuously adopt best practices to go green, low-carbon, and boost circular economy. One step at a time, it will continue to strive to win the trust of its customers with professional service and drive industry development through innovation.”

Jin Jian, President of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Development Company Limited, said,“The three-year construction period has been an extraordinary journey of reaffirming our commitment and overcoming challenges. It was also a necessary process leading to the fruition of the project today. SCIP Anyo SUEZ should expand its business with emphasis on maintaining safe and stable operations, combining the resources and advantages of all its shareholders, and precisely addressing customer needs. It should achieve a strong brand by accelerating the development of smart factories and become an industry benchmark through the enablement of smart technologies. It should also enhance performance and achieve high-quality development by refining management. SCIP Anyo SUEZ is off to a promising start. We wish for steady and sustainable growth that will inject fresh momentum and contribute to SCIP’s goal of becoming a world-class petrochemical and circular economy demonstration base.”

A synergetic partnership based on joint enablement through goal alignment and complementary strengths

The cooperation between SUEZ and SCIP began with the establishment of the park. Based on a model of public utilities with the integration of supporting services, SCIP chose SUEZ as its one-stop partner to provide industrial water, wastewater treatment, and hazardous waste disposal support services for the park. Over the past two decades, SUEZ and SCIP have continued to advance the depth and breadth of their cooperation, as demonstrated through joint investments, R&D, and the development of nature-based solutions. The partnership has enabled SCIP to achieve its goal of reducing the total amount of pollutants while making a positive impact on ecological and environmental protection.

SUEZ and SCIP, joined by SAIC Motor in 2020, and later SINOPEC, co-invested in the Anyo project. The hazardous waste project was built on decades of successful cooperation between SUEZ and SCIP and leveraged the additional strengths of the new partners. This endeavor further incorporated the experiences and advantages of SAIC Motor in engineering management and those of SINOPEC3 in asset management. The project was designed to further bolster SCIP’s position as a world-class petrochemical industry base and help SAIC Motor to shape its green industry ecosystem.

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