The AZURA Group signs a new contract with SUEZ to recycle its organic waste in the south of Morocco

The AZURA group, one of the world leading companies in the fields of fruits, vegetables and aquaculture, and SUEZ, a leader in circular waste solutions, announce the signature of contracts to operate two composting platforms dedicated to organic waste emanating from Azura’s operations that are located in Agadir and Dakhla regions.

The two contracts, with a duration of six years each, for the implementation of two platforms to transform organic waste into compost. With an overall capacity of 116,000 tons of organic waste per year, these platforms will produce 42,000 tons of compost and 43,000 tons of semi-finished Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) annually.

This solution aims to address circular economy and resource preservation challenges to which the Azura Group and SUEZ have shown strong commitment. In the context of water stress, compost as an organic amendment, represents a valuable alternative to increase water retention and improve soil quality. It also responds to climate challenges by reintegrating carbon into the soil. Furthermore, the compost produced will be sold by a local partner to agricultural producers in the region, creating value to the local economy.

This collaboration is the culmination of a strong partnership between the Azura Group and SUEZ, which began in 2020 with the contract for the management and re-circularization of waste from the Azura Group’s activities.

Sustainability and Responsibility are at the heart of all the Azura Group’s activities. This new partnership with SUEZ demonstrates, once again, our strong commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and which was notably formalized by signing an agreement with the “science-based initiative” (SBTI). Indeed, thanks to the implementation of composting units for our organic waste, we will reduce our carbon footprint by around 16,000 tons CO2eq each year.” declared Mr. Hicham Harakat, Chief Executive Officer of the Azura Group.

This contract marks a new stage in the relationship with Azura. It is a testament to the ability of SUEZ’s teams in Morocco to continuously offer its customers resilient and innovative, differentiating, and high value-added solutions to mitigate the environmental impact of their activities. The know-how of our local teams, at the service of Azura and other Moroccan companies, also contributes to local economic growth.”, underlines Benjamin Vauthier, General Managing Director of SUEZ in Morocco.

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