Enva commences equipment installation at Perth fridge recycling facility  

Following its acquisition of Shore Recycling’s electrical waste recycling plant in Perth, Scotland, Enva has now begun the installation of equipment which will see the site fully operational and capable of processing all Scotland’s waste fridges by spring 2024.

The project will see Enva continue its partnership with Andritz, one of the world’s leading providers of material separation and recovery technology providers. The Andritz solution will incorporate the latest degassing and storage equipment, the ADuro QZ shredder and separation technologies designed to capture a range of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, polyurethane and plastics. The nature of the shredder technology means any potentially hazardous components are left intact, so they can be managed without any negative impact on the environment. Once operational the site will recycle and recover over 98% of a fridge’s components.

Commenting on the latest stage of the redevelopment Enva’s Director, Barry Phillips said: “We are excited to be delivering this vital piece of recycling infrastructure for Scotland. Once operational this new state of the art facility will optimise the recovery of materials from the fridges it processes. In doing so it will maximise their environmental and commercial value, reduce pressure on the Earth’s limited natural resources, and support the development of a more circular economy.” 

Scotland has not had any domestic fridge recycling capacity since Shore’s facility was closed following a fire in February 2023 and the redeveloped site will restore this essential solution for our customers. It will also provide an alternative to transporting waste fridges long distances to other parts of the UK for processing, which has significant commercial and environmental impacts.

The £10 million investment will enable Enva to attain the highest possible recycling standards. This will include ensuring that the new facility is accredited to the independently audited WEEELABEX standard.

Tom Cortaville, Partner at Andritz, also commented saying: “We are delighted to continue our growing partnership with Enva by providing the latest generation of fridge processing technology which will improve the overall performance and resilience of the Perth facility. Enva have placed orders for this technology so we are well advanced in the production plan which will enable operations to recommence in spring 2024.”

In addition to the having the potential to manage all Scotland’s waste fridges the Perth facility will also be able to recycle over 10,000 tonnes a year of small domestic appliances such as kettles, toasters, vacuum cleaners, and coffee machines. Recovering materials from waste is core to Enva’s ongoing strategy, and Enva are continuing to invest to bring further innovative solutions to market.

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